Thursday, May 8, 1980

Father & Daughter write songs in the 80's

Punk song by Dad, [starts with a simple folk guitar]
I'm pining for a piney box,
My life is just a bed of nails
[Wham! Heavy metal chord]
Everything we do is a WASTE!
There's nothing worth another taste

Swing [at park] Song by Daughter
We're going to Garrison
to see Hallelujah
That's my girlfriend's name
How are you-ah?

Tuesday, April 22, 1980

Retroactive by 35 years

From the HRW3 Journal, Tuesday, April 22, 2015 (posted Wednesday, May 13, 2015)
"'Mingle with the Munchkins.' If you are going down the Yellow Brick Road of Life - don't put all your hopes on your arrival and meeting with the Wizard - spend some of your energy and consider some of your reward to be in terms of who/what you encounter along the way..."