Tuesday, February 14, 2023

100 Year Old Perspective on a "New" Trend: Fasting


Just Released! Upton Sinclair spent years as a vegetarian after researching the meat packing industry for his best-selling 1906 expose, The Jungle.

He also spent years with ill health. In The Fasting Cure he summarized and popularized the research of contemporaries who were pioneers in the movement for self-health.

You can read more about it and hear a sample HERE.

Publisher Peter Lerman of Bull Mouse Publishing House put this video together with my narration for The Fasting Cure. You can watch it on YouTube by clicking HERE.

If you would like to listen and write a review, email me at hrogerwill@gmail.com and I may be able to provide a free download code for your copy. Let me know if you need a US or a UK code.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Classic Slasher Horror Done Right!

My latest release.  Jon Athan, author of FIFTY incredible novels, brings you a shockingly suspenseful and violent slasher inspired by the classics. He has been generous with praise for my performances of (6 of) his books, recently writing "you really have a way of elevating my work. I was actually tensing up while listening to it!" Particularly rewarding was a comment by one of HIS fans saying "Harry Roger Williams III always brings your stories to life." Email me for a download code (specify US or UK) for a free review copy.  Warning: This novel contains graphic content. Listener discretion is advised.  Click HERE to see the Audible listing.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Well Written and Really Horrible!

JUST RELEASED! I've done horror - nearly a dozen (out of 91 produced) including truly extreme horror, but nothing prepared me for this! I had to stop a couple of times and regroup. I even considered using a pseudonym, until I remembered some I've already done. So be warned: "There are graphic scenes of grossness, violence, and gore (and some comedy)." Sea Caummisar is an incredibly skillful writer of offbeat, humorous horror! Click HERE to see the Audible listing.  For a free review copy, email me: harry@harrywill.com  

Sunday, July 11, 2021

From the Seminary to the Newsroom

 I experienced "the turmoil of the 1960s, and revolutionary changes in the Catholic Church triggered by the Second Vatican Council" while attending a men's Catholic college that hosted a summit on Pacem in terris, the last encyclical by, and the "last will and testament" of, John Pope XXIII, proclaiming that peace must be based on truth, justice, love and freedom. It laid the groundwork for much of the student activism of the 60s. Lawrence D. Maloney attended a Seminary at the time, fulfilling a "lifelong" (through 8th grade) ambition to become a priest. We each found a secular vocation, he as a noted journalist and publisher, I as "Harry the Librarian." If you read "Look Inside" at the book's Amazon page you will experience personal storytelling that transports you to that time of innocence and idealism. Clicking on the book cover will take you to the Amazon page for the book.

Friday, May 28, 2021

Uplifting and Inspiring, Short for Repeated Listening


Just released! Dr. Kinney shares the keys that allow him to live the life of his dreams without stress and worry, written especially for those who feel stuck, those who have begun their pursuit of success, and for those who don't know where to begin. This short book allows for repeated listening, because the keys will take time to learn, embrace, and activate. Click here to learn more and (hopefully) get your copy today!

Friday, March 5, 2021

Proud to be "Harry the Librarian"

 When the rubber meets the road: Many claim to "believe in" intellectual freedom - easy when no one is calling you a perpetrator of evil thoughts and words. Librarians take their lumps in order to live up to the ideal of letting each person get ALL the facts and perspectives and decide for themselves.

In the current Dr. Seuss controversy, today's Worcester Telegram tells us that "Worcester Public Library Executive Director Jason Homer acknowledged that 'we must challenge our collective history and make sure we address when deeply loved literature proves hurtful and problematic WITH THE LENS OF HISTORY, [caps added by me] diversity and equality'

"Betsy Perry, director of Sutton Public Library added that the situation is viewed as A TEACHING MOMENT, saying 'The imagery depicted in these books provides caregivers opportunities for discussion with their children about the historical context of the time when these books were created.'”                                                                                                                                                          Caption: Librarians Iris Delgado, left, and Rezarta Reso hold some of the controversial Dr. Seuss books at the Worcester Public Library Thursday.

My concern is that if we "erase" reminders of how our thinking and understanding EVOLVE, we overlook that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it!" (George Santayana-1905)

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Electronic materials surge, yet print books are still loved!

The article below was in today's Worcester Magazine, included with the Worcester Telegram.

My comment:  There's no surprise that electronic materials surged while print book circulation dropped when libraries closed due to the pandemic. I found it interesting that "a Pew Research Center study found that young adults were more likely to read print books than ebooks, although most did read both. Ebooks were not a break from their regular activities, but physical books were." How many of us assumed that print books were the domain of "old people?"

Libraries see big increase in digital check-outs, but physical books hold appeal



It’s an interesting reading item.

According to CW MARS, a library consortium whose members consist of many local area libraries including the

Worcester Public Library, there was an increase of 34% in checkouts on digital content in member libraries in 

2020 over 2019.

In total, there were 1.808 million checkouts on electronic content during 2020.

“We were really pleased to see the usage. 2020 was our highest (digital) check-out ever — 461,000 more,” said

Jeanette Lundgren, executive director of CW MARS, which is at 67 Millbrook St...

While physical circulation in 2020 was down 54% from 2019 — probably largely accountable to the pandemic 

— the number of physical books checked out was 5.3 million.

“The year before it was over 11 million,” Lundgren said.  On the other hand, 5.3 million is more than 1.808 million

For the complete article go to: Telegram WoMag