Saturday, January 5, 2008

Another Harry the Librarian!

Survey says: Most of us Google ourselves.
I did so to find my way back to my own blog. Sad to confess, since the url is so easy. I was feeling too lazy to look up my own "address."
Imagine my wonder to search "blog 'Harry The Librarian'" and find several entries about another Harry the Librarian.
Seems there's a fellow in Iowa whose myspace identity, now "Good Will Harrying," apparently formerly used "Harry the Librarian." By clicking on a cached earlier version of his page, I saw the identical layout and text, except everywhere that now says "Good Will Harrying," said in the earlier version, on identical labels, "Harry the Librarian."
As you can see from my first post, I have been using "Harry the Librarian" online, and as an email identity, for over a decade.
Strange. I wish this young (half my age) far away (I've never lived farther west than New Jersey) Harry well, but am glad we're no longer sharing the same "handle."
He even quotes some authors I like on his home page.
I send goodwill to Goodwill Harrying.
I'm glad he changed his "name."

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