Monday, October 6, 2008

Harry on Public Television

I was featured on the "Greater Boston" show on WGBH Channel 2, Boston's Public Television station. Before they were to arrive, I was scheduled to drive a large truck, with our two custodians as passengers, to pick up four massive display cases donated to the library by the Fuller Craft Museum. I was wearing my grubbiest clothes. The film crew arrived early and caught us unloading the truck. I reminded them they were early, and begged for the opportunity to go home and get into my "Library Director clothes." They said that would ruin the continuity of the spot, and wearing "work clothes" (not the kind I usually wear to work) would add to the theme of the spot: Massachusetts libraries in trouble and facing possible disaster. Many professional colleagues have assured me that it "worked" to appear in my grubbies, in spite of my self-consciousness. Let me know what you think.

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