Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Raving Fans: Brockton Public Library

I just posted this message on the home page for our library staff:
I came across two wonderful "reviews" of the library at Yelp. You can see them at: Brockton Public Library
Jim M wrote: "I live in Quincy, but use the downtown Brockton library a lot. To me, the staff is friendlier in Brockton, and the architecture of the new library is much more to my liking. The one thing I'm not crazy about is the stairway to the 2nd floor. It's not really designed for the comfort of someone walking up and down simultaneously."
Daniel M. wrote: "Full disclosure, first. I worked here six years ago. Have been back a couple of times since. Notwithstanding that, this has to be the ultimate overachieving library. Located in one of the toughest towns in Massachusetts, with a budget that should be at least doubled, and seriously understaffed this library delivers an incredible range of services. The collections are the best found in any local library of its size in the state and the historical collections are a treasure trove of Southeastern Massachusetts heritage matched only by larger facilities in Boston. Most outstanding is the quality of reference service delivered to the ever-changing needs of city residents. With a large transient population that has few other outlets for meaningful information the reference department has put together a collection and commitment to service that meets a huge level of need at minimal cost. How they do business could serve as a case study in a library school. A decade ago city residents led by the former director persevered and raised enough to renovate the early 20th century Carnegie building and give its collections a proper home. One would hope the city's residents value this gem in their midst.
I don't know Jim or Daniel but I do know that hearing compliments like this makes me very proud of our staff. Congratulations, everybody!
Harry R. Williams III, Library Director, January 6, 2010

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