Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thank you Laura Griffin!

Last week, during my last couple of days at Brockton Public Library, I agreed to a telephone interview byLaura Griffin of the Quincy Sun. I was in the middle of organizing nearly seven years worth of work and documents in a way that would be easy to find for those who follow, so I was quite distracted. We spoke for at least twenty minutes, maybe more. Imagine my pleasure when I read this article and saw myself portrayed as a thoughtful, serious professional who might just have "the right stuff" to build on the legacy of Ann McLaughlin as the leader of the magnificent Thomas Crane Public Library. Thank you Laura Griffin!

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ToastGoddess said...

Thank you for being so inspiring, Mr. Williams, "Harry the Librarian"!

I read the Sun article and am so happy that the legacy of Ann's work will continue.

Looking forward to joining you in "celebrating the mission of libraries."


Ruth Levitsky

lifelong TCPL patron
& Friend of the Library