Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A great writer and a great human being.

The First PatientThe First Patient by Michael Palmer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Michael Palmer was coming to Quincy to speak at the Thomas Crane Public Library, so I read this in preparation. His talk was wonderful, and this was my first but not my last Michael Palmer novel. In fact I purchased a copy of his newest novel, Political Suicide, that evening and he was kind enough to sign it "To Harry The Librarian - my favorite kind of book-keeper." I actually haven't read that one yet. He told us it was part of his first attempt, after more than a dozen stand-alone novels, to craft a series. Knowing that, I recently read the first in that series, Oath Of Office, to lay the groundwork for best enjoying Political Suicide. One thing Palmer said was that he would go to any length to speak to audiences in public libraries. I posted the next day on his Facebook page, "I just saw your post from yesterday and was amazed you had traveled pretty much across the entire country to get here - and nary a complaint from the lecturn about your hectic schedule." This is an unassuming and truly nice author and human being. And a writer of exciting and compelling prose. Thank you, Michael Palmer.

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