Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Recovering from an unintentional "Upgrade"

How many people did Microsoft inconvenience (or worse) before changing their message?
Last week, after months of getting a little flag next to the icon that appeared on my taskbar last summer,"Get Windows 10" started popping up in the middle of my screen, already open, when I logged on.
The options on the two buttons were "Upgrade now" and "Upgrade later." After x-ing out the little "Upgrade" flag for all those months, I thought/hoped "If I click 'Upgrade
Later' maybe they'll leave me alone." So I clicked it - and the download started, tying up my laptop for hours.
Worst of all, when I finally was operating in Windows 10 my ACT! program, that I have used for years for scheduling and contact management, didn't work.
A couple of days later they changed the options on the pop-up to "Upgrade now" and "Start download, upgrade later" as on the image above. That certainly is more helpful, and would have prevented me from clicking on EITHER. I didn't click to download, I did so to get them to leave me alone.
Well, I finally found out how to revert to Windows 7 (you have 30 days to do it after you "upgrade") and now I can again use ACT and enjoy my familiar "desktop."

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