Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Heartbreaker - Shelve and store your books carefully!

Here is my latest book I am selling on Amazon. Because they show only one "custom" photo of my copy, I am using this post (and referring potential buyers to it) to show front, back, and the signed title page and inscribed flyleaf. [NOTE: Not long after I first posted this here, I discovered that Amazon would indeed allow me to post all four photos, and I have done so.]

Here is how I describe it on Amazon: "Snow in the Kingdom VG $15.97 SIGNED (Twice) BY THE AUTHOR. Heartbreaker! This gorgeous and significant book would list as New or Like New except that due to improper storage the spine is off center.

"Title page is signed by the author and flyleaf has handwritten dedication, "July 30th, 2012 - To Cheryl + Lorraine - With Warm Wishes from the Author + Enjoy All your Summits together! Very Sincerely, Ed Webster - Mt. Everest 1985/1987/1988"

"Book is very heavy with glossy paper and tons of color and black and white photographs, maps, etc. "Curvature of the spine" can be manually corrected and then book will stand upright between others or bookends, or displayed on a coffee table, but I feel full disclosure requires mentioning it."

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