Saturday, April 20, 2019

Please help me publicize the April 28th and future concerts!

I have just sent this email request to the Brockton Symphony "family" to share my ads via THEIR social media links. You too can help support live classical music, even if you are not located nearby.

The email:

Please help me publicize the April 28th and future concerts!

Since 2005, I have been producing one-minute "commercials" for each of our concerts, We have had arrangements with local radio stations to play them as public service announcements and/or as paid advertisements.

It looks like we may not have such an arrangement for the coming season, and even if we do, the reach (at least potentially) of social media far exceeds that of radio stations.

Here's how you can help our beloved "BrSO" without even joining any committees: Share my ads on YOUR social media outlets - your Facebook, Twitter or any other platform, along with any blog or website you may control.

I always begin by uploading the ad, along with the text of it, to my Soundcloud page, which is easy to share directly to the bigger platforms or to copy and paste a code for the link to any other sites.

It doesn't take long, but it can help fill the seats while sharing the joy of our world class symphony.

Here's the link for next week's concert
Thank you!

Harry Roger Williams III
"Harry the Librarian"
North Oxford, MA

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