Thursday, December 14, 2023

A Wild Romp with a wild, crazy guy with a heart of gold!

Just Released! Dances With Donkeys by Jim Dale. US and UK codes to download a free review copy available. This would-be cowboy had many wild rides indeed, some of them hair-raising. By the end listeners will find the pure heart of this simple (?) husband, father and half-assed hero inspires love in our hearts. And hope!

Publisher WildBlue Press said some wonderful things about my performance: 

Harry Roger Williams III brings Jim's stories to life. His background is as ranges from horror to spiritual poetry, and his journey from "Harry the Librarian" to the voice behind these tales adds depth and authenticity to DANCES WITH DONKEYS. Imagine sitting around a campfire, listening to a seasoned storyteller weave a tapestry of cowboy life—that's what Harry does with this audiobook.

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