Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let Trustees Do Their Job!

As I was about to leave for today’s SEMLS meeting (where we voted to merge with the other Regions to morph into the Massachusetts Library System while bemoaning our colleagues’ job losses) Ruth Kowal of Boston Public Library called to ask me to help fight the Senate amendments to the State Budget that would deny State Aid and Library of Last Recourse funding if Boston closed or reduced staffing at any Branch.

Ruth said a further amendment would make this proposal more “fair” by including any library with Branches. I told her I would spread the word to my SEMLS colleagues at the meeting, and Cindy Roach announced it from the podium. (We’ll miss you, Cindy!)

I then wrote to Brockton’s State Senator Thomas Kennedy thanking him for proposing an amendment to increase the amount of State Aid, and asking him to help fight the Branch related amendments. Decisions on how to best utilize the limited resources are best made by local Boards of Library Trustees who are entrusted to serve the needs of local constituents!

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