Friday, May 13, 2011

A Kids Book Makes a Big Guy Cry!

I Got a D in Salami #2 (Hank Zipzer)I Got a D in Salami #2 by Henry Winkler

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Henry Winkler made me cry! I won't give a spoiler and tell you why, instead I'll give a teaser and say "Read this book to find out why the title is literally true!" Call me a sap, but I really did shed a tear before the end - let me know if you do too if you read this. It's a kids' book that is not just for kids.

I had a strong motivation to read it, as spelled out in the following email I sent "From one HW to another" via the film company that brought him to Quincy for Kevin Jame's comedy "Here Comes the Boom."

I wrote: "At the 2005 Annual Conference of the American Library Association in Chicago I was part of a large and enthusiastic gathering - literally thousands of librarians - stirred to a standing ovation by Henry Winkler's Keynote Speech at the Closing Session of the conference. Mr. Winkler was a stunning and inspiring speaker about the value of public libraries and particularly the value of reaching out to, and "hooking" young readers who may not at first glance seem promising students. This tied in nicely with his series of novels for young people about Hank Zipzer: The World's Best Underachiever. This was the same convention where Barack Obama signed a copy of Dreams Of My Father 'To Harry The Librarian - Thanks for all you do.' Yet even that memory is less compelling than the sight and sounds of Henry Winkler advocating for causes that are dear to my heart. I would love to extend to Mr. Winkler an invitation for a personal tour of the Thomas Crane Public Library, considered a national architectural treasure even among non-librarians. We are right across the street! For selfish reasons of promoting the library I would love to have Mr. Winkler visit, and have it documented by the local media. However, should he not wish that to be part of his time here in Quincy, I would be equally happy to arrange for a discreet tour at his convenience that would avoid publicity and protect his peace and serenity."

So, while "sitting by the phone" (I'm still waiting) I decided to read some the first Hank Zipzer book. It was wonderful. Then this one, the one that I found so touching. I'll probably read more, even if the author never visists our library.

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