Saturday, July 23, 2011

Positive News in the Enterprise!

Today The Enterprise of Brockton ran a wonderful photo essay about the Brockton Symphony Orchestra's upcoming performance at the Mashpee Night at the Pops. Here is The Enterprise says:
Brockton Symphony Orchestra gets prime time gig
Jul 23, 2011 @ 06:01 AM
The Brockton Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1947, performs with between 60 and 70 musicians during their concert season from the beginning of September to the beginning of May each year. This year, the group was chosen to be featured in the Mashpee Night at the Pops concert on July 30, where the symphony will perform for an expected crowd of 10,000 people. The orchestra will play 21 pieces over three acts, plus three pieces during the fireworks, and will collaborate with Brockton’s Jubilate Chorale. “We are extremely excited,” says chairman and clarinet player Torben Hansen, “It is a great opportunity for the symphony. It’s a real boost for us.” Flutist Susan Caplan says, “It is fun to collaborate and support local groups,” and she adds, “We’re definitely a family.” Directions for donating to the orchestra and for purchasing tickets to the Mashpee Night at the Pops and the symphony’s other six concerts scheduled this season are at the group’s website

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