Friday, November 30, 2012

A Wonderful Author, A Great River

Ann Hood gave a wonderful author's talk at the Thomas Crane Public Library on Wednessday night, November 28th. I just checked out her blog and found the entry below.  It touched off such memories for me as she described riding a train along the Hudson. From 1962-1965 I lived in Garrison, NY, directly across the Hudson from West Point, and went to Highland Falls High School, adjacent to West Point, on the other side of the river. The Bear Mountain Bridge was 7 miles south of Garrison, so twice a day we had bus rides along both shores of (actually on roads high above) the Hudson River Valley, truly "God's Country" as portrayed by scores of the world finest landscape painters. This was such a treat (although I may have been the only one on the bus noticing it...) Then for my first year at Manhattan College in NYC I commuted 50 miles by train. Sometimes the engineer let me ride in the cab with him. The New York Central follows the shoreline of the Hudson almost the entire way. Thanks Ann, for the memories, and for your wonderful presentation in Quincy, and for signing my copy of The Knitting Circle to: Harry The Librarian. The Hudson: What a breathtaking train ride I just took from Albany to Manhattan! We hugged the glorious Hudson the entire way, and I had to stop what I ...

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