Monday, November 5, 2012

Thanks to Will Manley & American Libraries Magazine

Trust in Your Trustees | American Libraries Magazine

On receiving the November/December issue of American Libraries I immediately turned to the last page, as always, to see what Will Manley had to say.  This excellent reminder of our most dedicated allies is quite timely for me.  Last week I was asked to give a professional reference for a colleague who is ready, in my not so humble opinion, for leadership in our profession.  The caller was a Trustee/Search Committee member.  While pointing out that his younger (than me) professional had proven himself in the ranks and leading at the departmental level, I am confident that his readiness to take the helm is enhanced by his years of service as a Trustee in the community where he lives.  During the conversation I remarked how I have been saddened by the comments of some Library Directors who seem to see their Trustees as some enemy force, gathered to undercut them.  For all the reasons Will Manley states, Trustees have a different kind of credibility in the eyes of municipal and other leaders than we purveyors of "mumbo jumbo jargon."  I have a similar respect for those from whom we must seek our funding, and this makes it easier for them to be a receptive audience to my pitch, but there is no denying that I have a vested interest in "my turf."  When I say "the community needs the Library," they may see me as self-serving.  When dedicated volunteer advocates say the same thing, it adds to my credibility and our success.  Thank you Will Manley!  Thank you Trustees!

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