Friday, March 6, 2015

professional voice-over artist Harry Roger Williams III

It means a lot to me to see Bill Anderson refer to me as, "client and professional voice-over artist Harry Roger Williams III" on his Facebook page. I replied, "When I decided to evolve from "The Voice of the Brockton Symphony Orchestra​" and radio commercial narrator to Audiobook Narrator, I promised myself to only give voice to positive works that can actually improve lives. I could not think of a better book to begin with than The Anderson Method. Thanks to Bill Anderson for this opportunity to 'spread the word.'"

Click HERE to be taken to a page where you can hear my narration for free, and also get Bill's book - the one I used to shed 50 pounds after my heart attack - at a discount. If I could have gotten my HTML coding right, you could have done it by clicking on the image of Bill's post. I still have so much to learn about technology!

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