Saturday, April 18, 2015

Movie Critic Fails Movie Quiz!

I "never" take online quizzes, but after talking for decades about "addiction to self-help books" I couldn't resist Mark Joyner's "Life-Changing Movie IQ Test" at It has 20 questions based on 22 "life changing movies."

I only got 8 correct, but here's the worst part: of those, 5 of my correct answers were for movies I haven't seen! Of the 22 movies, I've only seen 5, and I chose the wrong answers for 2 of those.

Of the 3 I got right, "The Dead Poet's Society" was critically acclaimed, "The Empire Strikes Back" was popular, and "Joe Versus The Volcano" was not much of either, although I enjoyed it and it does feature the most awesome moonrise I've ever seen.

None of this would be so embarrassing if I hadn't been a paid movie critic for years on WGFP-AM 940 in Webster, Massachusetts.

Here are the movies and my results (The last two were multiple choice options that were wrong answers to the questions.)

-------FILM-------------------------SEE IT?----------CORRECT ANSWER?

The Shawshank Redemption--------NO---------------------YES
Stand and Deliver---------------------NO---------------------YES
Jerry Mcguire-------------------------NO-----------------------YES
The Empire Strikes Back-------------YES-----------------------YES
12 o'clock High-------------------------NO-----------------------NO
Apollo 13--------------------------------NO-----------------------NO
It's a Wonderful Life---------------------NO-----------------------NO
Joe Vs. the Volcano----------------------YES-----------------------YES
Lawrence of Arabia----------------------NO-----------------------YES
Remember the Titans-------------------NO-----------------------YES
Any Given Sunday-----------------------NO-----------------------NO
Groundhog Day--------------------------NO-----------------------NO
Good Will Hunting-----------------------NO-----------------------NO
Dead Poet's Society----------------------YES-----------------------YES

12 Angry Men
Life is Beautiful

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