Friday, June 19, 2015

Helpful then, nearly forgotten now

How many would-be authors toil, or plan to, anticipating that "Once my nonfiction book is published, my name and my words will live forever!"
While perusing my Journals from 1981 I found a reference to Targets: How to set goals for yourself and reach them! by Leon Tec.
The hardcover (right) was published in 1980 by Harper & Row; a paperback by Signet (below) in 1982.
I just checked on Amazon and there was not one single customer review. There was a blurb in the listing that said, "Non-fiction - Self-help - Dr. Leon Tec, a psychiatrist, offers suggestions for using short-term goals that add up to a program moving you toward successful completion of complex tasks. Includes chapters entitled: Noticing the Elephant, Determining Targets, A New Look at Planning, How to Get Around to Doing Things You Don't Like, Handling Diversionary Targets, and more."
Tempus (and Gloria) Fugit!
Please do not read this as a discouragement to your writing ambitions - Write on! Write on with reasonable expectations, for the pure joy of sharing your insights and conclusions.

As a follow-up to this post I will add this quote that I found good enough to record in my Journal: page 185. “…the confusion that frequently surrounds the making of an important decision clears up considerably once you have a clear idea of what your objective is and how your options relate to that objective. You begin to think less in terms of what should I do, and more in terms of what needs to be done in order to achieve a certain set of objectives. You develop, in short, an approach to life that is more firmly rooted in the way things are, and not in the way you’d prefer them to be.”

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