Friday, August 29, 2014

Once again I am a PAID radio announcer - Thanks, Marty!

Two years ago yesterday, this video was posted.

Yesterday I joined Marty and Samantha in the WORC-FM 98.9 studio in Worcester to record a Marty's of Dudley radio commercial. Marty intended to introduce me to Lance Ballance, Rick Brackett and Matt Ferguson, who might help me find work as a radio announcer.

Next thing you know, I was the ANNOUNCER in yesterday's ad. It will air Sept. 2 to announce Marty's fall specials. I left my (vocal work, not librarian) resume and a demo CD and hope this is the first of many opportunities.

I will post the audio here as soon as I can.

This was my first PAID (with hot dogs at Coney Island) radio work since my weekly "Critic At Large" spots on WGFP-AM 940 in the 1980s when I was paid actual money! Thanks, Marty!

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