Monday, January 13, 2014

Boston Globe: Importance of Public Libraries II

I wonder if The Boston Globe is programmed to prevent sharing more than one article from the same issue. I tried to praise them on Facebook for having two pro-library articles in one Sunday paper but I was forced to do this second one manually so I could share "How Geraldine Brooks’s characters emerge," By Eugenia Williamson. Yesterday's Boston Globe had two articles highlighting the value of libraries. If you click on this author profile you will see a major section is MAGIC OF LIBRARIES, which quotes Brooks, "The wonderful thing about libraries and why I’ll never stop going... is the serendipitous encounters that can happen in the stacks of a great library." I previously posted the other one, about GDP vs. the Social Progress Index, with my opinion that the author's thesis shows how central Public Libraries our to our national progress and success. Stories about the demise of the Public Library are not just premature, they are simply wrong!

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