Wednesday, January 8, 2014

To emBEd or not to emBEd.

This morning I posted on my Facebook page, "Frustrated by Facebook. I did a bunch of research last night on how to "embed" one of my public posts into my blog or web site. FB help and some independent blog experts say the drop down on the right should include an option to embed the post but it is not in my menu. Anybody have a clue about this?." Later I added, " I just took a screen shot of this post with the drop-down (downward pointing arrow at top right of the post) open to show that the Embed option is not present there. I submitted it to the FB Help/report a bug people. They say they don't reply to all such messages, so if any of you know a fix for this I would appreciate hearing about it." My daughter commented, " I think it only applies to Pages, not people's profiles (a page is something like for a business, club, etc.)" to which I replied, " you may be right, although the Help pages and blog posts I saw made it sound like it would work for us with Profiles, not just Pages. I hope the FB people will get back to me on this. I find myself posting here so much more often than on my blog, that it would be good to at least put some content on my blogger site (now accessible by the url I purchased: more frequently."
All of this relates to why I may have to continue manually copying and pasting my Facebook posts here, or vice versa.

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