Wednesday, January 8, 2014

This Research firm doesn't...

Pathetic: I got an email promoting a video promoting a course in surviving the coming disaster(s.) It is offered by a firm with "Research" in its name. The teaser in the email said "It’s about an event that occurred not too long ago in a small town west of Boston." The video's images are mostly the text of the narration. Early on it says, "On May 1, 2010, at about 10am, two sections of a 10-foot pipe ruptured in the town of Westin, Massachusetts. Westin, by the way, is a small suburb, located 15 miles west of Boston." How much research is needed to discover that the town is spelled Weston - WestON not WestIN? In fact even as I type this FB (I orginally posted this on Facebook - see previous post about difficulty embedding) is underlining their version as misspelled. A quick look at Google maps would do, and a Google search for "Westin water pipe disaster" gives results with the correct spelling indicated as an alternative to "Westin." I know, we librarians (especially retired ones who were trained in the old, old days) are sticklers for using good sources and checking details, but how can you have any confidence in their advice when they demonstrate such intellectual laziness in their promotion? OK, rant over (for now.)

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