Saturday, January 18, 2014

From the Mouths (and picket signs) of Babes...

Here is my reaction to a wonderful story in today's Boston Globe, "Young protesters march for a library in Chinatown, By Wesley Lowery."

Wonderful! Then-Mayor Menino got his head handed to him when he explored saving money by closing neighborhood Branch Libraries. While Director of the library system in nearby Quincy, I learned that it is not just a stereotype that Chinese Americans value education, literacy AND LIBRARIES. The North Quincy Branch was in a heavily Asian neighborhood and was our busiest Branch by far. Perhaps new Boston Mayor Walsh will see this as an opportunity to do the right thing for his City and for his constituents - especially these future voters. Second graders! You go, children!

The article begins, "The voices were young, but they rang out in a synchronized and forceful chant as the children made their way through the downtown streets. Gloved hands held painted signs as pink and blue bookbags bounced on their backs. 'Books, access fairness, we’re marching to raise awareness,' the more than 50 second-graders declared as they marched from the Chinatown gate to City Hall Friday afternoon. 'We want justice. We want it now!' they chanted. The youthful protesters were seeking to raise awareness of a campaign to bring a public library to Chinatown, which is the only Boston neighborhood without a library branch."

To read the entire article click this link.

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