Friday, January 3, 2014

My "New" Web Site - still here but with easier access!

On December 21, 2007, I started this Blog, writing, "I've been HarryTheLibrarian at aol dot com, then at att dot net, and in the search for speed, now at comcast dot net. I maintained a Geocities site from 1996, and a "commercial" website (the quotes because the only commerce so far has been to pay the hosting fees) since 2000. It's about time I joined the millions smart enough to recognize a better way, and entered the blogosphere. I hope you will welcome me, as I welcome you to my new 'place.'"
The references are to my old email addresses and now "HTL" at comcast is also obsolete. I was unable to get use of "HarryTheLibrarian at," possibly because the handle was already in use, maybe even because of me using it for this blog. I grabbed as the next best email address just to have one somewhat consistent with the old ones, but it's a bit awkward, so I also notified people that the easier-to-type will also reach me.
The BIG NEWS, at least for me, is that thanks to a wonderfully helpful blog post by Dana at Wonder Forest, I purchased the url so now I "own" my own identity, and you don't have to type at the end of harrythelibrarian. I have the advantage of having "a real web site" while enjoying all the advantages of hosting on Blogger.
I am dismayed when I see how infrequently I have been posting here, but now that this is really "my space" I will be a lot more faithful. I guess I had better share this information with my Facebook friends, as I have been a lot more regular there (although never "daily") than here.
Happy New Year!

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