Thursday, January 23, 2014

For capturing voice - excellent; For Dragon, not so much.

I purchased the Philips DVT1500/00 2 GB Digital Voice Tracer with 2 Built-In Microphones and Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice Recorder via Amazon. I love the recorder itself and gave it four starts on Amazon. Here's the rest of the story.
I broke my old Digital Voice Recorder and decided to spring for this one. I already had Dragon Naturally Speaking on my computer, and it worked just fine, but this recorder comes with Dragon software to convert the audio files directly into text. No need to create a document by reading - or playing the voice recording - "in real time." Rather the software would process and convert the audio. I had to uninstall the regular version of Dragon, install the DVR version, then "train" the software to recognize the files from the DVR. After repeated installations and "trainings," and hours searching online for hints or tips to improve my results, I deleted the DVR version of Dragon and reinstalled the regular Dragon Naturally Speaking, which I use to transcribe old handwritten Journal volumes into text. On my long walks I use the DVR to capture fleeting thoughts. For that it is an excellent voice recorder.

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